June 2019

Myth: Natural sugars are better for you.

Sugars are sugars to your body.

Natural sugar refers to sugars that occur naturally in foods.  Sugar is found in nature in foods such as fruits.  Although fruit contains the much-vilified fructose that is found in high fructose corn syrup, it is in much lower levels in fruit than a soda.  The problem is not the source of the sugar but the refining.  


Research: Combined dietary and exercise results in superior weight loss

Dietary and exercise combined are superior for fat loss than diet alone.

If you are like most Americans and you look in the mirror, you most certainly notice that your fat storage is around your belly.   Sure we all want abdominals of steel, but in reality, it is extremely unlikely most fo use will get there.  You can do crunches until your eyes meet and you will still be a little soft in the middle.  It has long been recognized that a slim waistline is made in the kitchen and not the gym, but many people have assumed that this means that the gym or exercise is not needed.   


Milk alternatives, Part 2: Lactose-Free Milk

Lactose-Free Milk

Many American’s suffer from lactose intolerance.  The risk of suffering from this ailment increases with your age.  The simple pleasure of cheese, milk, and ice cream can make the sufferer quite ill in little no time after consumption.  I could not imagine being unable to enjoy these treats.  You could take lactase pills or lactose-free dairy products.  One example is Fairlife Milk which I wrote about last week.  Another example is Lactaid or the look-alikes in your grocery store.  


Myth: More water equals more weight loss.

Drinking more water will not shed off the pounds.

Many experts, myself included, recommend drinking more weight to help with weight loss.  The belief is that more water will increase calories burned and decrease calorie intake by improving satiety.  There is no doubt in my mind that water is vital for human existence.  It makes up the majority of your body.   The question is whether water is a magical cause of weight loss and will it make the pounds fly off.  


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