A fresh new beginning.

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After many weeks of not following a diet and many slip ups, I have decided to change my ways and try to get back on track.  The bottom line to my less successful last two months is that I took a vacation and went home and decided that I would start again tomorrow and each passing day turned into a week and a month.  Tomorrow is another days, and I will double my efforts be more successful.  

I tried fasting as suggested in the Obesity Code and that did not work at all for me.  It might work to reset after a week off or a few meals of splurging, but my weight loss goal is larger than a 3-5 days goal.  It is impossible for me to lose 20 pounds by fasting, so clearly I need a long term plan.  I realize that now and will go back to what I was doing.  

So what did I do before?  

  1. Create a calorie deficit: I cut my meals to about 300-400 calories for three meals a day.  
  2. Stop all grazing.  I need to avoid snacking.  I will bring a serving of fruit or vegetables with my lunch.  
  3. Add exercise.  I will exercise 3 times a week.  I quit two months ago and desperately need to get back on track.  
  4. Avoid all sweets and empty calories.  I avoided all sweets and alcohol.  I plan to add high fructose-containing foods and artificial sweeteners.  This where I have really missed the boat.    I will return to this, and hopefully, I will be more successful.  

Wish me luck.  I will post an update in 1-2 days.  The good news is my wife has agreed to try this with me, so maybe we will have an update together.  

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I am a family physician who has served in the US Army. In 2016, I found myself overweight, out of shape, and unhealthy, so I made a change to improve my health. This blog is the chronology of my path to better health and what I have learned along the way.

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