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I have made a list of weight loss tips that I have made on this site.  I will post a new tip every Wednesday and Friday.  Some think will apply to use and others will not.  I recommend that you pick one or two and slowly add them to your daily plan.  Do not overdo change or it will overwhelm you.  

Weight loss tip: Stop hoarding food

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Food hoarding leads to weight gain and less healthy choices.   Food hoarding is similar to compulsive hoarding that we have all seen on TV.  I am really not talking about that, but it is similar.  True hoarders should seek the help of a behavioral health provider.  Special care needs to be taken to address…
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List: 35 Tips for Healthy Shopping for Weight Loss or Maintenance

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Advice on smartly navigating the weight loss landmines in the supermarket. When trying to lose weight, one of the most difficult activities you must do is grocery shopping. Since weight loss is 80 percent diet, going to the grocery store can be an exercise in torture. All those tempting…
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Weight loss tip: Add omega-3 Fatty Acids

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Omega-3: An Appetite Suppressant?  There is no such thing as a sure thing or a magic bullet when it comes to weight loss.  Around the globe, obesity and obesity-related illnesses represent a major public health challenge. The prognosis for citizens of the United States is exceptionally poor.  Unfortunately, There is no sunrise on the horizon and…
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Weight loss tip: Add color to your food and plate

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Color Up Your Food and Dinner Plate for Weight Loss When I started to research this as a topic after reading an article on colors of plates and weight loss, I thought this topic is crazy.  The color of a plate is not going to cause someone to lose weight.  What inherent property would a…
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Weight loss tip: Eat Eggs

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Eggs can help you lose weight!   You have probably read somewhere, been told by a friend or doctor, or watch a TV show that has indicated that you should avoid eggs as a part of your daily breakfast.  They have been tied to more dastardly poor health conditions than the most villainous of comic book…
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Weight loss tip: Add Aronia berries or chokeberries to your diet

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Chokeberries may reduce weight gain and modulate insulin What the heck is a chokeberry?  The Chokeberry is of the Aronia genus of deciduous shrubs.  The shrubs that grow the berries are native to eastern North America and most commonly found in wet woods and swamps and many feel they a nuisance or weed.  Chokeberries are…
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Weight loss tip: Make sacred times in your schedule

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Schedule times for me-time you schedule. Weight Loss Tip 196 - Make Sacred Times Most of us make the critical mistake of filling our schedule to the brim with appointments to take care of other things or people.  I am sure you have experienced times when you have 8-10 hours of back to back meetings…
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Weight loss tip: Eat cleaner

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Cleaner food choices can help you lose weight. I know you have used the excuse that it is a weekend or holiday so you partake in foods you would normally avoid.  If you keep holiday and weekend meals…
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Weight loss tip: Have more sex and lose weight.

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People who have sex more often weigh less.   Having a healthy weight is part of a healthy life, and many of us are focusing on exercising and eating right in order to attain a healthy…
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Weight loss tip: Take a nap.

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Napping may help with weight loss.   You read that right.  A nap may...may help with weight loss.  Cosying up with a blanket to these nap has benefits and one of those is weight loss.  I…
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