Weight Loss Tips

I have made a list of weight loss tips that I have made on this.  I will post a new tip every Wednesday and Friday.  Some think will apply to use and others will not.  I recommend that you pick one or two and slowly add them to your daily plan.  Do not over do change or it will overwhelm you.  

Weight Loss Tip: Prep Your Meals Ahead of Time

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Prepping and Planning Your Meals Leads to Success.   I have never been much of a prepper.  To be frank and honest, I am a procrastinator.  I loathe being prepared.  I am an adrenaline junky that likes to fly by the seat of his pants.  I prepare, but as I get closer to the deadline,…
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Weight Loss Tip: Walking Off Pounds

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Go Walking and Lose Weight Walking is an easy form of exercise that just about anyone can perform.  Both young and old can enjoy the benefits with little to no equipment or training.  Walking will keep you fit and if you walk each mile in 13-14 minutes, you…
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Weight Loss Tip: Fill Up on Fiber

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Fiber is free and fills you up.   Fill up on fiber.  Fiber is an important part of digestion, but it is also filling and free. Why do I say this?  It can be subtracted from your carbohydrate count because although it is a carbohydrate, you cannot digest…
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Weight Loss Tip: Measure Your Waist

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Measure You Waist Circumference I have seen quite a few folks trying to lose weight that were very distressed by hitting a plateau.  Using only a scale is a terrible way to look at your progress.  They always report doing the right thing with their…
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Weight Loss Tip: Salad Dressing

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Weight loss tip #1 is very simple.  Eating out is a trap for those trying to lose weight.  The foods can be high in calories and…
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