List: Eleven reasons to eat more chocolate

Reasons to eat more dark chocolate.

Do you really need a reason to eat more chocolate?  Probably not!  Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food.  Chocolate is one of the simple pleasures in life that has been tied to just about any benefit you can imagine.  People claim it can reduce stress, protect your heart, and acts as an aphrodisiac.  


Editorial: Road Bump – Travel and Vacation

Okay, I have been tasked to go on a business trip.  You know the kind of trip that has mandatory fun to include mixers.  The mixers are sold at times to network with your colleagues from all around the country.  They feature mixed drinks, high-calorie finger foods, and best of all plenty of time seated in lecture halls hearing about the next great way to improve the business.  Unfortunately, most have zero time to exercise built into the schedule.  There is no wonder why we tend to gain weight and come back from business tips heavier than when we left. 


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