Road Bump: Travel and Vacation

Okay, I have been tasked to go on a business trip.  You know the kind of trip that has mandatory fun to include mixers.  The mixers are sold at times to network with your colleagues from all around the country.  They feature mixed drinks, high-calorie finger foods, and best of all plenty of time seated in lecture halls hearing about the next great way to improve the business.  Unfortunately, most have zero time to exercise built into the schedule.  There is no wonder why we tend to gain weight and come back from business tips heavier than when we left. 


Editorial: holiday weekend: the enemy of weight loss

Holiday weekend – a weight loss challenge.  

Weight loss during the week is easy.  Holidays and weekends are a challenge.  We made it through November and December.  Now, welcome to January.  I am headed into the 4 days weekend: the weekend of the MLK holiday.  The holiday weekends are not helpful for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.   Family and friends make is near impossible to make healthy choices.  Gaining weight on weekends when you like to relax and watch TV is almost certain.  I almost dread the time off because I know I will be playing catchup the following week.  


Weight Loss Tip: Listen to your body.

Doing too much at the gym can be worse than not going at all.

We have all done it.  You go to the gym and go hog wild with your workout.  It’s never a good idea to overdo it with your workout.  If you overdo it, you will be less likely to maintain the exercise program and quit.  This concept is especially true if you are just starting out or adding something new.  


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