Day Two of Fasting: Symptom-Free

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Two Days of Fasting and I am Smooth Sailing! A progress report.

Fasting Scale

Fasting Scale

Ok, I have to admit I was a quite a skeptic.  I really thought this would be much harder.  Sure, I have had some hunger and dry mouth the first couple of days, but it was mild and just drank more water and added a little lemon juice to water to fight the bad taste I experienced off and on for the first 24-36 hours.  Today, I am not even hungry.  

Hunger: It was moderate the first day, but since then, there has been nothing.  I have found that if I have a cup of coffee in AM and do not get hungry till lunch and for the most part.  As long as I keep myself busy, I do not think about eating.  In fact, I could go longer without eating.  

Do I feast when I eat?  No.  I did not overeat.  You have to be careful, drink lots of water, and eat slowly.  The faster you eat lunch and dinner, the more you will eat.  I am also suggesting that you avoid eating when you are distracted and do not eat at your desk.  

How many calories did I eat?  I ate about the same amount fo calories per day, but I ate a little more for lunch and dinner since I missed breakfast.  I would say that I ate about 700-800 calories per meal.   

How do I feel?  Overall, I feel great.  The thing that amazes me is how clear my thoughts are.  I have not slept well, but that is due to stress at work, and I am sure it will improve on Tuesday when I am not longer in charge of as large of a part of my workplace.  I am very energetic and more alert than I expected based on the number of hours of sleep I am getting.  

How long will I keep up the fast?  I am still undecided.  I may continue for up to 2 weeks, but I will do it for at least 2-4 more days.

How much weight have I lost?  So far, I have lost 4 pounds and about 0.2% body fat.  I am sure most of that is water weight.  I am undecided as to what I think about this yet.  I will continue the post so you can decide if you want to try it.  


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