Editorial: Cut back on your cell phone and lose weight


Reducing you cell phone usage may improve your life and leap you lose weight.

Cell Phone
Cell Phone

Americans and the world are becoming more and more sedentary. We are supersizing our waistlines and unfortunately there does not appears to a cure in sight. It is hard to believe that fix to part of what is causing us to gain weight is in the tips of our fingers. If you just set down that little handheld idiot box know as a cell phone, we might just lose some of the weight.

I recently read an article by Beth Fontenot MS, RD, LDN on the blog The Doctor Will See You Now. The article is entitled Go on a Cell Phone Diet might just have be right in proposing the idea of laying down your cell phone as means to lose weight. This article just makes sense.

The research behind the article was performed in Columbia. They reportedly concluded that the average user in the study used a cell phone for 4-5 hours a day and exercised less and ate more unhealthy foods. Clearly these habits would lead to a high risk of obesity. This study reported that cell phone at this level increased the risk of obesity by 43%.

The bottom line: Cell phone the odds that a subject will have sedentary lifestyle. The lack of exercise is causing our health to decline and our waists to bulge. The less you exercise and the more you sit, the lower you caloric expenditure. I recommend that you cut back on your cell phone use.

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