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Avoiding Extra Pounds As Your Souvenir

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As I head for vacation, I began looking for motivation to avoid weight gain. Although I am not going on a business trip, this article is very appropriate. I fit so I republished this article:

Okay, I have been tasked to go on a business trip.  You know the kind of trip that has mandatory fun to include mixers.  The mixers are sold at times to network with your colleagues from all around the country.  They feature mixed drinks, high-calorie finger foods, and best of all plenty of time seated in lecture halls hearing about the next great way to improve the business.  Unfortunately, most have zero time to exercise built into the schedule.  There is no wonder why we tend to gain weight and come back from business tips heavier than when we left. 

Ok, I am on my first big business trip for my new job.  I am already struggling with my weight.  This trip is two obstacles to new my health kick.  The obstacles are traveling and being away from home.  I planned to attack this differently than I have in the past, but that may not have been enough.  In the past, I would take the whole day off and just spiral out of control.  No more.  Today will be different, and I will face each challenge and slip up as a single event and avoid the spiral.  

Unfortunately, traveling can also be synonymous with ditching your diet willpower and the loss of motivation to exercise, causing you to bring back some unwanted pounds.  Below are five tips I used during this tip to avoid blowing my diet.  Maybe they will help you also.  On Monday, we will find out if they helped me.  

  1. Pack a snack:  I packed several dense snacks for the trip and to avoid the finger foods at the conference.  Airline foods and hotel vending machine food are absolutely the worst choices for staying healthy.   Dried fruit and nuts are a very satisfying snack and could help prevent you from reaching out for chips and cookies.  If possible, stock your hotel room with fresh fruits and vegetables.  These can help prevent that temptation to have ice cream or candy bar.  
  2. Schedule a little exercise:   Don’t overdo it.  You will not need to spend hours a day working out, but if you exercise a little, it will help you sleep and feel better about the little splurges you have.  I always try to start and end the day with a little stroll.  It will aid with digestion and burn little calories.  Pick a hotel with a gym.  The extra money is a good investment.  
  3. Avoid alcohol:    Alcohol lowers your inhibition and next thing you know it,  you will be snacking on sweets and salty food.  That baked Alaska will soon be calling your name.  Avoiding alcohol would not only help you save the calories from the alcohol with the calories from what you eat after you consume the alcohol.  Avoiding alcohol will help you eat more sensibly for the rest of the day.
  4. Be careful with the buffet: Buffets and smorgasbords are the enemies to ascend waistline.  Anything that includes the word all-you-can-eat will expand your waistline quicker than that gallon of triple fudge ribbon ice cream.   Look for foods that are higher in protein and fiber in lower and processed flours.  These types of foods will keep you full longer   And prevent you from overeating.
  5. Don’t skip breakfast: skipping breakfast can make you feel ravaged.  Having an ample breakfast has been proven in research to help you eat less the rest of the day.  If you plan to skimp on a meal, breakfast is not the one to choose.  I recommend that you consider eating eggs and a lean protein source.  If you are going to choose a piece of bread or grain, choose one that is high in fiber.  

The bottom line: A business trip does not have to be the end of your healthy lifestyle.  If you do slip up, get back on the wagon as quickly as you can.  The key is consistency is much as possible.  Try to continue your healthy lifestyle is much as you possibly can and don’t be discouraged if you gain a few pounds.  Each pound that you avoid gaining will be one less pound that you have to lose when you get back.  I typically try to maintain the weight that I had when I left.

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