Editorial: The Evils of Doughnuts

Stack of DoughnutsStack of Doughnuts

Doughnut are Satan’s Minions

Doughnuts are one of those things that are very hard to resist.  They are exceptionally delicious and I might even say addictive but they are also poisoned to your waistline.  They make you feel good with a euphoria that is to some as addictive as heroin.  There is nothing like the smell of the inside of a Krispy Kreme when the “Hot Doughnuts” sign is one and the sugar fortified oval delights are being covered with that lard and sugar-filled glaze.  It is quite simply mesmerizing to the tastebuds.  

Stack of Doughnuts
Stack of Doughnuts

Reasons to Avoid Doughnuts:

  • They are high and sugar and saturated fat.  The sugar will pack on the pounds and you will likely not be able to stop at one.  The American Heart Association recommends that we should have less than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day.  You get this from a single doughnut.
  • Most doughnut bakeries only change the oil every two weeks.  This of the putrid mix of nastiness in that oil.  Although I am sure it is safe, the thought curdles my stomach.  I would just say no.  
  • High sugar content will lead to unstable blood sugar.  Eating large amounts of sugary doughnuts causes high blood sugar and insulin spikes.  If you want proof that you are getting an insulin spike, eat 3-6 doughnuts and you will quickly get sleepy and hungry within 1-2 hours after consumption.  
Overweight woman eating Doughnuts
Overweight woman eating Doughnuts
  • Doughnuts lack significant nutritional value outside of carbohydrates and fat.  Doughnuts are made of white flour which is primarily made of simple carbohydrates. On top of that, doughnuts contain lots of sugar and fat. This makes them a highly refined, highly processed product that essentially contains no fiber.  There is nothing but fat to slow absorption which results in them being quickly being converted to fat.  
  • Doughnuts are calorie-dense and will make you obese quickly.  The bottom line is each doughnut has over 300 calories.  To put this into context: If you eat one per day for 1 for 13 days during the year, you would gain 1 pound.  If you eat 3 per set, that would come down to 4-5 days.  Calories from doughnuts can multiply quickly.  It would take an hour of most exercises to make up for it.  
Tray of Doughnuts
Tray of Doughnuts

Recommendation on Doughnuts:  They should be a rare treat or not at all.  This is especially true if you cannot stop at one or if you insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, or diabetes.  I hope you enjoy the spoof ads I found on the internet.  

The bottom line: Doughnuts and pastries are high in empty calories. Eat them sparingly.

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