List: Eleven Ways Jump-Start Your Weight Loss Plan

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Eleven easy ways to boost your daily weight loss

Weight loss fail.
Weight loss fail.

Weight loss is not easy. As we become older, it becomes even more difficult to accomplish your weight loss goals. Don’t fret too much, because there are ways yo help you shed those unwanted pounds. If you are trying to lose those extra pounds, below is a list of tips that can help you trim that waistline.

These tips are designed for people that struggle with starting any weight loss plan and they simplify the efforts required to lose weight. As you see improvement it will build confidence and motivation to reduce your odds of failure. You will notice the results quickly so give them a try.

10 tips to jumpstart your weight loss:

  1. Intermittently fast: Intermittent fasting can be a successful weight loss technique. By limiting your consumption to certain hours of the day, you can reduce your caloric intake and lose weight. Eat all your meals within 8-12 hours and go without food for the rest of the day. This food-free period includes your sleep time thereby making it is an easy goal to achieve. This method has been shown to increased insulin sensitivity and reduces metabolical syndrome.
  2. Get enough sleep: Rest can keep your diet on course. Drowsiness can lead to unwanted eating. Sleep may boost your metabolism and I have seen very few people eat during their sleep hours. The more hours people sleep, the lower their average weight and fewer calories they tend to consume. I recommend a minimum of 8 hours every night.
  3. Stay hydrated: Water intake can promote satiety and may even boost your metabolism. I recommend at least 8 glasses of water per day. Dehydration can be misinterpreted by our brains as hunger.
  4. Add protein to your diet: In my book, protein is the most important macronutrient. Diets higher in protein may boost your metabolism. Eating adequate protein promotes satiety and helps you resist junk food.
  5. Exercise, exercise, exercise: Sure a slim waist is made mostly in the kitchen. Exercising may boost your metabolism. It also reduces cravings by promoting satiety. I suggest 30 minutes a day 4-5 days a week.
  6. Reduce your empty calories: Empty calories such as alcohol and sugar have no nutritional value outside of calories. Empty calories will blunt your fat burning process and do very little to promote satiety.
  7. Always bring a few snack packs: We all experience some unep[exted delays or detours in life. If you carry a few extra snacks, you can help yourself resist the temptation to go through the drive-through. A few healthy, low-calorie snacks can help you avoid the regret of snacking on junk food.
  8. Cut your carbohydrate intake: Reducing the non-fiber carbohydrates will promote satiety and help you lose weight fast. Carbohydrates increased insulin production. Insulin results in fat storage and hunger. Both of which are counterproductive to weight loss.
  9. Max out on fiber: Fiber is a heavy lifter. It cleans out your Gastrointestinal tract and builds satiety by stretching your stomach and slowing digestion. The best part is that it is calorie-free.
  10. Know your portions: The key to healthy eating is reducing portion sizes. If you know portion sizes and stick to them, weight loss comes naturally. If you eat too many portions, you will gain weight.
  11. Walk more: Walking is more than exercise to burn more calories. Walking reduces stress and promotes a healthy balance. Start by parking as far as you can from the building at work or at the market. You will notice the effects soon.
Walking for weight loss

The bottom line: I recommend that you pick 5-6 of these tips and implement them. If you do this and maintain it, you will lose weight and keep it off.

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