Happy MLK Day


Become more inclusive.  


Today, Monday 21 January 2019 is MartinLuther King (MLK) day.  MLK made a huge impact on encouraging diversity.  The key word there is encouraging and enforcing.  Encouragement can come from the words you use and the actions you take.  We should be me inclusive and less divisive.  Exclusivity discourages others from joining a group.   Encouraging diversity does not and should exclude others.  

Diversity is what makes our country stronger by allowing it to grow.  Diversity does not just include issues of color, race, gender, and age, but it also includes differing thoughts and ideas.  If you limit your exposure to only one point of view, you will miss opportunities to grow.  
Today, celebrate diversity and encourage others.  
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I am a family physician who has served in the US Army. In 2016, I found myself overweight, out of shape, and unhealthy, so I made a change to improve my health. This blog is the chronology of my path to better health and what I have learned along the way.

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