List: 8 weight loss habits that are weight loss mistakes

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This list of habits might be leading to less weight loss trap.

A brushtail possum is caught in a trap.

Many of us are trying to lose weight and hitting the roadblock to success. The path to a healthier wasitline is filled with potholes that can derail you ability to lose weight. The problem is conflicting nutritional guidance and information. There are not quick fixes or easy weights to lose weight fast. You walk that thin line to success by avoiding the fad diets and desire to eat those high calorie processed foods. The good news is that failure does nto have to be guaranteed if you make smart choices.

Nearly 50 million Americans go on some sort of diet each year and simple tips can help them avoid these problems. Most weight-loss programs focus on diet and exercise. Both are important and these strategies are effective, but they are nearly impossible to maintain for the long haul in our busy lives. By avoiding this list of missteps, you can avoid sabotaging your weight loss plans.

Cold glass of soda drink
Cold glass of soda drink

Here are 8 health habits that might actually be expanding your waistline.

List of weight loss tips to avoid:

  1. Not tracking your diet or exercise: Awareness is vitally important to weight loss success. If you are trying to lose weight, you simply must track your exercise and food intake. We often overestimate what we do and underestimate what we eat. Many people don’t have a clue how much they’re really eating or exercising. Tracking will allow you to better track and avoid mistakes and repeat successes.
  2. Over relying on diet soda: Diet sodas by themselves will not result in weight gain. Soft-drinks made with artificial sweeteners, and these sweeteners are calorie-free. Diet soda intake was associated with a wider waistline, but the cause is less clear. I will tell you that you need to limit consumption.
  3. Cutting back on meat: Protein is the most critical nutrient for humans to eat, and it is especially crucial if you are cutting calories. Protein promotes satiety and reduces intake. It also increases your metabolism as you build more muscle.
  4. Eating while in front of a computer or TV: Mindless eating is the enemy of controlling caloric intake. There is nothing pro mindless than eating a meal or snacking while using a TV or computer. Just think about how many times you ate after than expect while watching TV. You start snacking and then you reach into the back and it is gone.
  5. Using your phone, computer, or tablet in bed: Using technology like phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs before bed affects your sleep and health. The artificial blue light emitted by the screens energizes your mind and inhibits sleep. It does this by suppressing melatonin. Sleep is essential for mental health, healthy metabolism, and weight loss.
  6. Too much-processed foods: Whole foods and food quality is just as important as quantity. Sure, calories are important, but also is the filling nature of fiber from whole foods. Stick to whole foods as much as possible and avoid the easily digested
  7. Eating in groups: Peer pressure is a huge impact on how much we eat. Our dining habits tend to be close to the other we eat with. If one overeats, we all overeat. We are more likely to eat a large amount if we eat it in a group rather than eating alone. Skip the group and eat less.
  8. Dehydrating or drinking too little water: Alcohol, caffeine, and salty food and lead to dehydration. Dehydration leads to hunger and overeating. Drink more water and lose weight.

The bottom line: Weight loss is not easy and you must do everything to ensure you are successful. Weight loss failure occurs when calorie intake is equal to or higher than calorie expenditure.  If we fail to maximize our chances of success, we will gain weight. Changing your weight take dedication and a mix of exercise and calorie reduction. Good luck!

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