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10 simple dietary mistakes that hinder successful weight loss

Which Diet?
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You stick to your diet and exercise still gain weight if you do not make smart choices. Sure, vegetables are healthy but when you drench them in cheese or Ranch, you are bound to fail to lose weight. So when you step on that scale and your weight remains the same, look deep and try to figure why and the way may be simpler than you think.

Healthy eating habits and a regular exercise routine are important but also is avoid the mistake that causes you to stumble. Below is a list of, mistakes people commonly make:

  1. Underestimation of your caloric consumption. It is common for people to think they are eating fewer calories than they are. In my experience, if you do not log your meals and calories, you often eat far more than you would estimate.
  2. Overestimation of your caloric expenditure. It is very common for exercisers to think they burning off their dietary sins. A simple Snickers cand bar has 230 calories and takes 30 minutes of brisk walking to burn off. Ice cream and cake can have far more calories. You just can’t exercise enough to make a meaningful difference.
  3. Too much calorie-dense dips. You dunk chips or vegetables into fat fills dips. Cheese and cream-based dips like Ranch dressing. They are calorie-dense and can pack on the pounds.
  4. Failing to measure the olive oil. Sure olive oil is the healthy fat, but it is also dense in fat calories. Extra virgin olive oil is full of in “good” monounsaturated fat, but you need to moderate your consumption or you drown out the benefits with too many calories.
  5. Same workout every day. If you do not vary your workouts and stick to the same routine, you will be less likely to become bored. Boredom leads to quitting. Keep it exciting and mix it up.
  6. You avoid coffee and tea. Coffee or tea before a meal or as a part of your morning routine will help you eat less and it promotes satiety. As long as you avoid sugar and cream, coffee and tea are low in calories.
  7. Eating salads as a healthy choice. It is a trick and many of us think that a salad is healthy. Salads are typically smothered in dressing and full of low-quality meats and cheese. Don’t get me started on the crunchies such as croutons. Instead, just have some fresh fruit and vegetables. If you must have a salad, dip it is dressing instead of smothering it.
  8. You eat on the go. Eating while traveling or rushing to get somewhere can be the enemy of smart choices. Darting into a fast food restaurant can lead to very bad weight loss choices. Prepare ahead of time and bring a low-calorie snack or sandwich.
  9. Getting up extra early to exercise. Shuteye is very important for a healthy metabolism. Some research has linked shorter sleep duration to higher body fat, increased hunger, and less satiety. All three are tied to increased cortisol which is reduced by sleep. Additionally, if you’re tired, you might be prone to grab a sugar-laden treat for a midday boost, skip the gym, and have takeout for dinner to avoid cooking. It is a vicious cycle. I suggest that you get seven to eight hours a night.
  10. Eating when you are thirsty.  Hunger and thirst can be confused. If you’re not sure whether you’re hungry or thirsty, assume it’s the latter. Drink a glass of water or another low-calorie drink and see how you feel. I even suggest that you have a glass before every meal. It might just reduce your caloric consumption and waistline.

The bottom line: Small change can make a huge difference. Make sure your choices are not compounding the problem. As you begin to work out and eat healthy, monitor for changes. If there are none, consider changing your routine. Healthy choices are the key to success.

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