List: More weight loss tips.


More weight loss tips.

This list is a list of weight loss tips 11-20.  

  1. Weight Loss Tips: Hide the Snacks: If you don’t see them, you won’t eat them.   Out of sight, out of mind, out of … mouth?  If you put the treats that you want to avoid in the back of your drawer…Read More
  2. Weight Loss Tips: No More Empty Calories: Empty Calories Will Sabotage Your Diet. Empty calories provide limited nutritional benefit and often are low in fiber.  You want to make your calories count and reduce your drive to splurge.  You want to get ample protein, fiber, fat, minerals, and vitamins and let’s face the…Read More

  3. Weight Loss Tips: Freshen Your Breath or Cleanse Your Palate: Freshening Your Breath or Cleansing Your Palate Can Reduce Your Calorie Consumption. I have found one thing that seems to help me maintain and lose weight, and it is very simple.  People often try to lose weight and find this urge to change the taste in…Read More

  4. Weight Loss Tip: Avoid the Couch Potatoes: Television snacking increases the amount you eat and your risk of obesity.   I am starting a new series of short articles that are hopefully both entertaining and informative.  My goal is to provide a quick blurb each Saturday on a weight loss tip and some research to back it up if it exists….Read More

  5. Weight Loss Tips: Go Nuts: Nuts can be healthy and help with weight loss.   For years, people have recommended avoiding nuts because of their high fat and calorie content.  They have been vilified for causing anything from obesity to diverticulitis.  Today, we can celebrate nuts for their nutritional value because “nuts are unhealthy could…Read More

  6. Weight Loss Tip: Don’t Shop On An Empty Stomach: Shopping while you are hungry will increase both the number of calories and food you purchase.   We have all done it and regretted our decision before we even made it to the exit.  You are on your way home from work, and you stop to buy groceries at your local market.  You meant to…Read More

  7. Weight Loss Tip: Don’t Sleep With Radio or TV On: Noise and Light Inhibit the Initiation and Quality of Sleep.   In 18 years of medical practice, I get at least one patient that is there to see me about the quality of their sleep, and when I complete a sleep hygiene review, I find that they watch TV or listen to the radio in bed.…Read More

  8. Weight Loss Tip: Portion Your Plate to Lose Weight: The rule is called the 50/25/25 Rule.  We have all heard it from our mother and grandmother.  They told us to finish our vegetables.  Little did I know they were 100% correct.  Well, at least partially.  I am sure my grandmother did not fully understand nutrition when guilting me into finishing my plate.  In fact,…Read More

  9. Weight Loss Tip: Avoid Empty Carbs: You should avoid empty calories including carbohydrates. I know you have heard this before, but empty calories provide very limited nutritional benefit.  This concept means that the food is low in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.  Often, we splurge on these low-quality foods.  The problem is you get very…Read More

  10. Weight Loss Tip: Eat Oatmeal: Oats are your diet’s friend by promoting fullness! Oats are one of the most healthy carbohydrate sources out there.  Eating a cup of oatmeal in the morning will keep you full well into the afternoon.   Oats are a healthy staple food for both me and my family because they…Read More

These are a few of the recommedned weight lsos tips I have written about.  I will post more in the next coupleof months and continue to shot them in lists.  
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