List: Solutions to Avoid the Travel Binging

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How to avoid overeating while traveling.  

Travel and Dieting:


The Open Road

The Open Road

Traveling can create difficult obstacles to eating a healthy diet.  It may seem like the two are incompatible, and you may feel like just waiting until after the holiday season or your big trip.  The stress of traffic and being in the care with your family are natural triggers to snacking and binging.   Fast food restaurants are the minefield along the open road.  At home,  restaurants can make it difficult to stick with your plans, but, on the road, they are nearly impossible to avoid. You are in a hurry to get back on the road; they can be especially enticing to maintain your timeline.   


It is so easy to get off track and spiral out of control so if you can focus on eating healthy during trips; you will have a leg up when you return.  The fast-food industry has studied human behavior and established locations and meals around tempting you to eat quickly and unhealthy.  

Don’t fret.  You can do this and dieting during your trip is not an impossibility.  

Fast Food Burger

Fast Food Burger

Roadbumps to avoid:

  1. Vending machines: There is nothing healthy in there. 
  2. Avoiding exercise: Don’t talk yourself into “it’s just a one-night syndrome.”  
  3. Airline or airport food: Nothing to see here.
  4. Delaying meals to make better time:  This will create cravings.  
  5. Crappy snack foods: Chips, popcorn, granola bars and just about any convenient snacks to eat while driving is horrible for you.  


  1. Pack healthy snacks. I suggest fruit and veggies.  Broccoli, celery, and apple slices are convenient and filling.  Another option is I suggest finger foods like beef jerky.    
  2. Pack lunches. You will make better time.  Bring a cooler or cooler bag with a wrap or sandwich.  Your homemade sandwich is healthier than any burger or chicken sandwich you can buy.   
  3. Eat Whole and Fresh Foods. These are easier to carry and last during the trip. 
  4. Eat Slowly and Fully Chew Your Food.  The more thoroughly you chew your food, the less likely you are to overeat.  
  5. No Mindless Eating. Pay attention to how much you eat.  If you eat chips or popcorn while watching TV or driving, you will eat more.  
  6. Plan ahead. I highly recommend that you plan any meals you are going to eat out.  If you decide your meals beforehand, you will be less likely to overeat.  
  7. Ask for a refrigerator in your room. This addition will help you keep snacks, foods, and drinks in your room.  This way you can avoid vending machines and the dreaded late-night trips to Walmart.  
  8. Do not delay meals.  Stick to your schedule.  You will thank yourself later.  Delays in meal times will create cravings and regrets.  
  9. Continue to exercise. Keep with your daily schedule.  Most hotels have gyms, but you can do something as simple as stretching in your room.  This change may prevent boredom and mindless snacking.  

The most important thing is to not fall for mindless eating and snacking and…. Stop Eating When You are Full!!!!

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