List: Ways to avoid night grazing or snacking

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Tips to avoid late-night snacking

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  1. Get enough fiber throughout the day.  Fiber helps you feel fuller longer, quelling your urge to snack. 
  2. Get enough sleep. Stick to a routine and go to bed simultaneously each night. If you are asleep, you will not be able to raid the pantry. 
  3. Drink a glass of water. Maybe you are just thirsty and not hungry. Either way, drink the water and wait at least 15-20 minutes to re-evaluate if you are still hungry. 
  4. Brush your teeth. Nothing like that unpleasant first bite of food after brushing your teeth. 
  5. Turn off the TV. There are so many commercials with tempting food. Better to turn the tv off and avoid the temptation. 
  6. Do a dirty job. There is nothing to put you off food like cleaning the bathroom. And it might even make your morning routine more pleasant.
  7. Decide if you are truly hungry or just bored. Avoid mindless snacking.  
  8. Take a walk.  A bit of fresh air may help alleviate the munchies you are feeling. 
  9. Avoid the kitchen.  Standing in front of an open cabinet or fridge will only encourage you to have that snack.
  10. Snack smartly.  If you must have a snack, choose something light but satisfying.  You do not want to eat something heavy that will interfere with your ability to sleep or ruin your daily calorie count.

The bottom line: If you can prevent snacking and grazing, you will be a step ahead in losing weight.   

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