List: ways to prevent erectile dysfunction


Lowering your risk of ED is as easy as following these ten easy steps.

Cigarettes cause impotency

Nothing will make a guy cross his legs quicker than the fear of erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is caused by lower blood flow to the penis that causes it to become less rigid or entirely limp. The process that causes the lower blood flow is the same process that occurs in the hardening of the arteries in heart disease.

Sure you can take the little blue pill once you develop ED, but it is better to prevent it than to treat it. Once the arteries are hardened, the snowball is rolling down the hill and taking the blue pill is only a temporary fix. Eventually these medication will fail and your options will lessen. It is better to follow to following steps and slow the process that causes erectile dysfunction and heart disease.

The ways to lower your risk of ED:

  1. Say “no” to narcotics: Many of the narcotic medications taken chronically can cause a lower testosterone and higher estrogen level. Both have been tied to lower sexual ability and drive in males. I recommend that you avoid narcotics over 7-10 days. This effect is especially deleterious of erectile function with oxycodone (Percocet and Oxycontin).
  2. Watch your sugar: Elevated blood sugar and insulin resistance like that found in diabetes type 2 and metabolic syndrome cause hardening of the arteries and elevated cholesterol. Both of which is bad for good erectile function.
  3. Watch your bad cholesterol: Low density lipoprotein or LDL is one of the risks for heart disease and ED. ED is the warning sign for heart disease since the cause is similar. Lowering your LDL can lower your risk of ED.
  4. Cut back on the sauce: No, I am not talking about BBQ sauce. I am taking about alcohol. Alcohol, like narcotics, lower testosterone and lower sexual function. Moderate alcohol can minimize the risk.
  5. Say “no” to tobacco: Tobacco causes damage to blood vessels that can lead to ED and heart disease. Simply put, it is the gasoline that fires up the damage that end in you penis being less functional. Leave the chewing tobacco and smokes alone and you will enjoy sex more and last longer.
  6. Lose weight and exercise to maintain a healthy weight: Extra pounds in the “shed” make your sexual function less. Exercise can help prevent loss of sexual function, also. The large the waist line, the bigger the impact on your sexual function. Cut the calories and lose some weight and you will enjoy it more and perform better.
  7. Know your medications: Many medications can cause ED. This fact is especially true true for blood pressure medications, but it is not just limited to them. Behavioral health medications can also cause lower sex drive and function.
  8. High blood pressure: High blood pressure and lead to damage to blood vessels and lower sexual function over time. The problem is that the medication can limit sexual function. Talk to a medical provider about options that will have less effect on your sexual function.
  9. Manage your anxiety and stress: Anxiety and stress can cause a lower libido (sex drive) and inhibit your desire to have sex. Whether it is the cause or effect, it also increased ED.
  10. Testosterone is a dual-edged sword: A low testosterone can cause ED and a lower libido, but if you do not need it, it can increase ED and lower libido. This effect is especially found if you supplement with anabolic steroids because ti shuts off the natural testosterone production.

The bottom line: Preventing ED can be as easy as living a healthy life and limiting the poor choices. I am not trying to encourage you to not take the blue pill, but limiting your waist line and eating healthy may help you avoid them. Use this article as motivation to live healthier. For women, the research is clear, those that live healthier enjoy sex more.

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