Milk Alternatives, Part 11: Coconut Milk


Coconut Milk: Not too bad.

Important Considerations
Important things to review when you make a decision on a milk replacement: added sugar, adequate calcium content, adequate B12, additives, dietary needs, and cost.  
 Coconut Milk
Vintage bottle with coconut milk and fresh coconuts

Coconut Milk:  Coconut milk is a very close alternative to cow’s milk.  Personally, I found the taste and texture to be the closest to cows milk.  Coconut milk works well in recipes that require a creamy, rich consistency and it may be the best replacement for milk.  It is fantastic in coffee as a perfect replacement for It provides a rich half and half and creamer.

  • Nutrition: One Cup: 80-100 calories, 5g fat, 5g saturated fat, 1g protein, 6-10 grams sugar, 45 percent DV calcium, 25 percent DV vitamin D, and 50 percent vitamin B12. 
  • Advantages: Its nutty flavor is almost vanilla-like.  It is suitable for many types of baked foods.  Coconut milk has more potassium than dairy milk.
  • Disadvantages: Coconut milk lacks the nutritional value of dairy milk. It’s somewhat high in fat with about 5 grams of saturated fat per cup and thus is high in calories. An 8-ounce cup contains 1/4 of your daily saturated fat.
Pouring milk
Pouring milk

The bottom line:  Coconut milk is one of the better tasting milk replacements. It is delicious and has a pleasantly smooth texture, but it is less than an ideal replacement for milk. Coconut milk is not a good source of protein. Make sure to read labels before you buy because not all of them are created equal and some have quite a bit of added sugar. I personally suggest lower lactose alternatives over coconut milk, but coconut milk is a good coffee creamer

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