Milk Alternatives, Part 6: Pea Milk


Pea Milk: From Peas and not Pee.

Important Considerations
Important things to review when you make a decision on a milk replacement: added sugar, adequate calcium content, adequate B12, additives, dietary needs, and cost.  
Macadamia Milk
Macadamia Milk

Pea Milk: Along with Macadamia milk, pea milk is one of the newest dairy-free alternatives to arrive at your local market.   It is great in smoothies and it has a taste and texture very similar to cow’s milk. It packs in more calcium and vitamin D from fortification. Made from yellow split peas, pea milk has the same protein as cow’s milk and it is also available in an unsweetened version with no added sugar.

  • Nutrition: One Cup: 100 calories, 5g fat, .5g saturated fat, 8g protein, 6g sugar, 45 percent calcium, and 30 percent vitamin D; good source of iron and vitamin A.
  • Advantages:  Pea milk is low in carbohydrates and a good source of plant-based protein.  It has heart-healthy fats and is hypoallergenic.  
  • Disadvantages:  Pea milk is higher in sodium and must be fortified with vitamins and minerals to compete with the nutritional quality of milk.  It is one of the most expensive options.

The Bottom Line: Pea milk is not a bad replacement for milk. I did find the taste less adequate. I have used it plain and in smoothies. The flavor and texture are surprisingly similar to milk. It is both creamy and smooth like milk. The plain can be chalk in some brands but it is not bad. It is a great choice for those that can’t have dairy and those trying to lose weight because ti adds adequate protein.

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