Motivation Tip: Determination and Satisfaction

Motivation Tip 28 - Determination and SatisfactionMotivation Tip 28 - Determination and Satisfaction

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Motivation Tip 28 - Determination and Satisfaction

Motivation Tip 28 – Determination and Satisfaction

Wake with determination to complete the daily goal and go to bed with satisfaction that you are one-day closer to making your dreams a reality.

Motivation and determination in the context of weight management is a difficult topic because it centers so much on self-control and regulation.  The key to weight loss success is approaching each day as a single unit and tackling one problem at a time.  If you focus on your lack of achievement or a single slip up, you will quickly slide down the slope of despair.  Negative emotions feed the demons of failure.  I suggest, instead, that if you fully endorse daily weight loss-related behavioral goals of just sticking to the diet and exercise program.  If you bite off one small goal, the big ones will take care of themselves.  The day is over, and now you can be satisfied with the success of the day.  

The bottom line: Today is a new day, so start with determination and meet your goals with success.  

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