Motivation Tip: Determination and Satisfaction

Motivation tip 10 - Determination and SatisfactionMotivation tip 10 - Determination and Satisfaction

Determination and Satisfaction: Try to wake with determination to be successful and go to bed with the satisfaction of your accomplishments.

The feeling of determination is critical for the start of a diet and exercise program.  If you are not determined to be successful, you will not start a new program to be more healthy or to lose weight or ta the very least, the new plan will fizzle out quickly.

Although determination is important to start and maintain a new plan, satisfaction is important to both make and judge success.  Determination is what gets you out of bed in the morning.  You must be determined to make things happen and avoid letting things get in the way of your success.  Simply telling yourself you will be successful is not enough because you must believe.  

Never underestimate the power of a positive attitude.  Tell yourself that you’re going to make it the best day possible and then do everything in your power to make it that way! When you wake up, do it with the determination to feel accomplished, to chase down dreams, and to get {stuff} done. When you go to bed at night lay down with pure satisfaction that results from achieving everything on your to-do list. Then get some rest. Tomorrow’s another day.

Motivation tip 10 - Determination and Satisfaction

Motivation tip 10 – Determination and Satisfaction

With every step you take, you need to be satisfied with your progress.  If you are not satisfied with your successes or accomplishments, you will brew negative feelings that will overwhelm your progress and lead to failure. 

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