Motivation Tip: Don’t Be a Perfectionist

Motivation Tip 33 - Don't be a perfectionistMotivation Tip 33 - Don't be a perfectionist

The enemy of good is better, and that includes the quest for perfection.  

Motivation Tip 33 - Don't be a perfectionist

Motivation Tip 33 – Don’t be a perfectionist

Being a perfectionist is the enemy of a successful diet.  Being a perfectionist is a true weakness.  There is nothing wrong with the quest to be better, but perfection is not attainable.  Perfectionism destroys your energy on inconsequential details.  Perfection does not equal diet success.

Perfectionism leaves little room for being less successful, and a little lapse will result in regret and feelings of failure when you do not measure up.  Perfectionism makes you find faults in your success.    Instead, focus on standards are achievable and be less critical of your achievements.  Perfectionists create self-inflicted, based on imagined expectations from unrealistic standards.  The perfectionistic dieter typically sees great results and feels completely in control for a few weeks or months and then it falls apart, and the bottom falls out of your plan.  

One small life change, like getting a new job, college, or moving, causes you to abandon your weight loss plan because to you it is perfection and an all or nothing.  Instead, have realistic goals and avoid perfectionism.  The bottom line:  It is ok to average.  Start a new weight loss program and set realistic goals.  It’s normal for to develop a plan but make it realistic.  In doing this, you will be successful in losing your unwanted pounds. 
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