Motivation tip: Focus on one pound at a time

Motivation Tip 30 - Focus on one pound at a timeMotivation Tip 30 - Focus on one pound at a time

Focus on small goals.  

Motivation Tip 30 - Focus on one pound at a time

Motivation Tip 30 – Focus on one pound at a time

We have all heard the story of someone in our circle that has lost a massive amount of weight.  We use others stories as motivation, but the fact is that establishing a massive weight loss goal of 25-50 pounds or more can be overwhelming.  The problem is we stagnate and fail to make progress at some point in the journey to health, and we become discouraged.  Weight loss takes time to meet such a large goal, and you will have detours along your path so expect them. The good news is the by taking the slow road.  Hopefully, you will learn healthier habits that will give you the tools for long term weight maintenance because you plan to not only lose the pounds, but you also want to keep it off.  

So why do I say to focus on one pound at a time?  I am not saying that has to be your short term goal, but what I am saying is that you need to celebrate each little success.  Focus on the next pound and not the next 30-pounds.  If you make a not the pound of weight loss, then concentrate on the next pound.  If god forbid, you gain a pound, focus on losing it.  The point of a small goal is that you can make small incremental changes and before you know it you will be at 30 pounds.  As you gain confidence, weight loss will seem easier and easier.  

The bottom line: Focus on a small goal.  Losing one pound at a time is an easy way to gain confidence and success while building to tools to keep it off. 

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