Motivation Tip: Go Slow

Motivation Tip 23 - Go SlowMotivation Tip 23 - Go Slow

Slow and steady progress will win the weight loss race.

Motivation Tip 23 - Go Slow

Motivation Tip 23 – Go Slow

Everyone is looking for a quick trip to a new weight, but the key to weight loss success is to retrain your daily routine.  Once you develop a new routine, you will be more likely to stick to a healthy lifestyle.  If you lose the weight too fast, you will be more likely to return to the old lifestyle and regain the weight.   

We are all impatient, and a desire for instant gratification is just a part of the human psyche.  Dieting is basically nothing more than starving yourself to lose weight.  It is natural to want the fastest possible solution and to achieve it without expending a lot of work.  No one intends to suffer through protracted periods without their favorite foods.  

I prefer that we focus on more realistic methods to meet our needs.  The fact is that it is impossible to safely lose significant amounts of weight overnight, but yet we constantly look for that quick win. It is very demoralizing to know that weight loss takes more time than you are planning.  

The bottom line: Diet success entails making real lifestyle changes and making it a routine, so you repeat it to maintain your success.  You have a better chance at keeping the weight off if you lose it slowly.  If you start with a smaller deficit like 200-500 calories, you will barely even feel it.  The weight will come off more slowly, but hopefully, you will learn this new routine, and with a 200 calorie deficit, you will lose a little less than a half a pound a week. 

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