Motivation Tip: Keep Pushing Forward

Motivation Tip 38 - Keep Pushing ForwardMotivation Tip 38 - Keep Pushing Forward

Keep pushing toward that goal.  

Motivation Tip 38 - Keep Pushing Forward

Motivation Tip 38 – Keep Pushing Forward

[pullquote]“The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places.” ~Unknown[/pullquote]We have the opportunity to succeed and do something great in life, and we can either grasp the bull by the horns, or we can let it pass.  One the road to diet or weight loss success, there are no parking places.  You cannot sit on the couch and lose weight without effort on your behalf.  You need to keep pushing forward and avoid the temptation of parking your butt in the chair all day.  Don’t just stare at the wall.  Instead, get up and do something.  You will be more productive at work if you intermittently get up and walk around.  

The bottom line: Push yourself toward that goal to avoid pauses in your weight loss success both literally and metaphorically.  Get up from your desk and take a break instead of taking a break sitting at your desk.  Every step is one more step toward success.  

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