Weight Loss Tip: Look in the Mirror

Weight Loss Tip 183 - Look in the MirrorWeight Loss Tip 183 - Look in the Mirror

Look in the mirror because the person looking back is your competition.  

Weight Loss Tip 183 - Look in the Mirror

Weight Loss Tip 183 – Look in the Mirror

Unhappy woman looking in a mirror

Unhappy woman looking in a mirror

Do not get discouraged by the figure that looks back at you, use it as motivation to make a new you.  A Mirror is a powerful tool to help you identify and focus your goals.  Every day, wake up, get up, and peer back at yourself in the mirror.  Moments like this develop clear goals.  You need to realize that you can do this, but most importantly you need to love yourself.  

Sure, you have weight to lose and exercise to complete.  Before you start each day, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are important and worth the effort of being more healthy.  Develop a goal daily after looking in the mirror but make sure it is realistic.  Empower yourself to look at each day as a new opportunity for success.   Weight control is lifelong, and you need to focus on one day at a time so start it by taking a moment with yourself.  

The bottom line:  Look in the mirror! In dieting, this is not a team sport, and you are not competing against anyone but yourself.  Take some time with your opponent every morning and focus on winning the weight loss battle.

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