Progress Report: Week 1: 5 August 2016


Progress Report:

The first week is always the worst.  It is very tempting to give into the hunger and eat what you crave.  The pain of exercise my be too much to not stop and take a day off and then 1 day turns into 3 and before you know it, you took a week off.   This first week has been brutal to me.  I did take one day off but I am here at day 7 which is 7 August 2016.

So how did I do?  Let take a look.


Week 1 Exercise

Figure 1:  Week 1 Exercise

During the first week, I walked a total of 33.5 miles and averaged 3.91 miles.  This chart was created by Runtastic which is a great way to use your iPhone GPS to calculate your walking distance.  I did take the sixth off and only walked around 4993 steps.  That was just walking around the grocery story and going to the movies.

Fitbit Exercise - Week 1

Figure 2: Fitbit Exercise – Week 1

Above is another depiction of the exercise from my Fitbit dashboard.  I use a Fitbit Surge to measure my steps.  I will post a review of the surge after 1-2 months usage.




So how much weight have I lost.  The first week I have lost a total of 4.1 pounds in 1 week.  This a difficult period to keep motivation because after week 1, your weight loss will decrease.  The first week, you will lose a lot of water weight.  I use the WIFI Fitbit scale.  I will post a review of this also.

Weight loss week 1 - Fitbit dashboard

Figure 3:  Weight loss week 1 – Fitbit dashboard

So how did I complete week one so successfully.  I made sure I had plenty of water and fiber to keep me full.  I averaged 90-128 ounces of water and 35-41 grams of fiber.  I ate 3-4 meals per day and averaged 1500 Kcal per day.  I am using to track my calories.  I highly recommend it.  I have not used it perfectly, but hope to be more religious about it starting tomorrow.  

Tips I have learned:

  1. Fiber keeps you full.  I hope to do an article on fiber soon.
  2. Water helps the fiber expand and keep you full (especially if it is water soluble fiber).
  3. Combined effort of diet and exercise is usually more successful.

So what did I eat:

  1. Grainiac Bread as toast for breakfast with milk or yogurt.  I did not use butter but I did use Yogurt Butter.
  2. Lunch was a wrap with a high fiber tortilla, chicken, cheese, and jalapeños.   I also had broccoli and hummus with it.
  3. For dinner, I had a Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine microwave meal and a cup of yogurt for desert.
  4. I also always had a snack.  It was often 1/2 serving of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans and some fruit.  Remember bananas are great for you but they are often 2 servings.  Go with the smaller ones.
  5. I had a 33.5 oz bottle of water with each meal.
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I am a family physician who has served in the US Army. In 2016, I found myself overweight, out of shape, and unhealthy, so I made a change to improve my health. This blog is the chronology of my path to better health and what I have learned along the way.

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