Myth: Eight Glasses of Water a Day Will Ensure You Lose Weight


Water helps weight loss but will not guarantee it. 

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You can read about the benefits of water consumption all over the internet.  Water is essential to a healthy life, and it will help your body run more efficiently if you get enough, but too much can have the opposite effect.  The problem with this myth is its absolute nature.  Weight loss or gain is determined by getting too many or too few calories in your daily energy intake.  Although increased water may help you feel fuller and operate more efficiently, water will not keep you thin unless you also take in fewer calories than you need.  

While chugging an extra glass of water may help you stay full longer, you will eventually have to take a trip to the bathroom to let it pass.  Drinking that glass or two of water will not guarantee weight loss, but it might help.  Water will only help if you are combining it with eating a healthy, low-calorie diet.  I have written several prior articles on water and weight loss.

The bottom line: Water will not guarantee weight loss, but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying to increase our water consumption.  Staying hydrated is a good habit and although it will not “guarantee” weight loss, water consumption is certainly a part of a healthy lifestyle and helps with weight loss. I prefer a glass water bottle to keep the water cool.  

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