Myth: There is a diet that works for everyone.


No diet is perfect for everyone.  

Keys in Diet

Keys in Diet

Almost everyone who is trying to lose weight is looking for the best way to lose weight.   You can find a book to back just about diet your want to try.  If you search enought, your will even find a study that supports the use of jsut abotu any lame brain dietary model you want to back.  The problems with most diets and lost of the studies is that they have lost sigh of the fact that nearly all humans are difference.  In fact, any diet that claims that they have the cure for obesity should make you run as fast as you can in the other direction.  

The one diet fits all menatality is actually the enemy of successful weight loss and if you fall for this belief you will fail to lose weight.  Sure there are soem general facts.  Every onemuch create a calorie deficit and

Burger, Fries, and Juice

Burger, Fries, and Juice

everyone must try to maintain a certain degree of dietary quality.  Quality is simply eating foods that have a lower degree of processing which means they are higher in natural fats, protein, and fiber.  The mroe natural and wholesome the foods, they better the fodo quality and the slower ti is digested  The slow it is digested, the lower the effect on insulin and the slower food is digested and absorbed.  

No two people are alike and no two people have the same metabolsim.  The idea that a single diet can cure all that ails us including obesty is perposterous.  This elusive concept of the perfect diet for everyone just does

Weight loss

Weight loss

not exist even as attaractive as it is.  Knowing your own diet and metabolic level is key to knowing what you should and shoudl nto eat.  If you are a diabetic, you probably whould nto eat diets high in starches and sugar.  You need to prsonalize your weight loss plan.  

One person may tell you that you should have milk during weight loss and that it has been a key element in their plan.  Although milk is a good source of vitmain D and protein, tt is probably not a good idea if you are allergic to dairy.  Then again, if you are intolerant to lactose, a high dairy diet will certainly lead to diarrhea and weight loss.  Once again, I am not recommending foods

Scale and Tape

Scale and Tape Measure

that cause diarrhea or the act of diarrhea as a means to promote weight loss.  

Some of us can get by without counting calories and just eating healthy.  Some are able to just use portion control.  Others need to eat a high protein or higher fiber diet to be successful at weight loss.  Although increasing protein or cutting carbs is usually a good weight loss mechanism, I usually frown upon the whole concept of cutting or decreasing a food group unless it is cutting sugar or empty calories.  

The bottom line: There are no absolutes in dieting and weight loss.  You have to personalize your diet to fit within the requriements of your culture, diet, emotional stability, religion, exercise, and medical history.  We all have differing requirements based on each of these so it is impossible for our dietary needs for weight loss to be the same.  

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