Myth: You must eat less to lose weight.


Truth: You can lose weight without eating less.  

Caveat: A calorie deficit is required to lose weight.
woman with tape measure worried about weight

Woman with tape measure worried about weight

Wait, did you say I can lose weight without eating less.  Yes, I did.  Now let me explain.  You will still need to create a deficit in calories.  The fact to remember is you can create a calorie deficit to lose weight without eating less.  I know your mind is racing trying to figure out how this is possible, but stick around, and I will explain further.  

Ok, lets first look at your prior diet failures.  Think about when your prior weight loss attempts.  You picked foods you could easily be removed from your diet and started cutting.  What was the result?  You lost weight but quickly became hungry, and sooner or later you broke the diet and because hunger caught up with you.  

So what is the solution?  There are two ways to lose weight without cutting the amount you eat.  Think about your household budget.  There are multiple ways to create a deficit.  Think about how to create a deficit.  You can spend more or earn less.  The same is true with calories.  You can burn more through a higher metabolism or exercise, and you can eat fewer calories.  

WAIT! YOU SAID I WOULD NOT HAVE TO EAT LESS.  Yes, I did, and I meant it.  

Empty Calories

Empty Calories

Weight gain is not your fault because it is a product of multiple factors that have cast against you, but you sure can take stapes to mitigate future gain and lose what you have gained.  The act is that the “eat less and exercise more to lose weight” has failed many of us.  By implementing smart changes to your diet, you can create a calorie deficit without eating less, and you will increase your odds of long-term weight loss and maintenance.  The key is maintenance.  If you do not learn new habits and maintain them, you will not keep the weight off after weight loss.  

  So what are these smart changes?  The key is changing the foods you eat and not how much you eat.  Caloric density reduction and the addition of more filling foods that are less processed will help you lose weight without keeping you hungry all the time.  Fiber and protein filled foods keep you full longer than sugars and starches alone.  By converting your diet to more whole foods with less empty calories from processed foods and ingredients will keep you full longer and help avoid splurges.  

Do I need to exercise?  No.  Exercise helps with weight loss by protecting muscles mass, building more muscle, and burning more calories, but weight loss is truly made in the kitchen.  I recommend exercise, but is only going to help and will not make or break your weight loss plan.  

Caveat: A calorie deficit is required to lose weight.

The bottom line:  You can lose weight without eating less as long as you make smart food choices that will keep you full all day long.  You got this, so good luck.  

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