Progress Report: Spiraling to a new beginning


Two weeks to a new beginning.  

Yesterday was a terrible day at work.  I came home and has pizza.  You can multiply that times 8-10 days and that has been the last nearly two weeks for me since the last twice annual sudden cardiac event (physical fitness test).  We are required to make weight and take a physical fitness test twice a year.  I passed both but required a body fat tape to pass the weight.  I swore this would never happen again the day of the test and since then I have allowed events to get a little out of control.  

Research: A portion-controlled diet Is more effective for weight loss


Portion control actually works for weight loss.

Weight loss should be as simple as eating fewer calories ends in less weight on your torso.  Sure, it sounds so simple as not eat or drink too much, but, unfortunately, weight loss is not this simple.  This is why many of the worlds are now struggling with being overweight or obese.  In practice, it is too easy to eat or drink more than you have planned.  The question has always been how do we keep our servings eaten to the correct portion size.  

Reseach: Does coconut oil assist with weight loss?


Does coconut oil help with weight loss or is it another fad?  

n recent years, coconut oil has been touted as one of the healthy fats and many think it is a cure for everything to include diabetes type 2, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and obesity.  Currently, because of what I like to call the ketokraze, coconut oil is being widely promoted for weight-loss.  While I would not vilify coconut oil, the claims of benefits might be a tab bit outlandish.  There are only a few studies that have looked at the benefit of coconut oil on weight loss and, in my opinion, the results are spotty at best.

Research: Effect of 8-Hour Time Restricted Feeding on Body Weight


Restricting feeding hours can help you lose weight.

Fasting for weight loss is one of the most common diets of the current age.  Restricted time diets are just another form of intermittent fasting.  Counting calories is difficult and near impossible for some.  Time-restricted eating is a type of diet that focuses on the timing of eating instead of counting calories.  and, instead of limiting the types of food or number of calories that people consume, an intermittent fasting diet restricts the periods of time they can eat your meals.   On a time-restricted or intermittent fasting diet, you will only eat during specific hours of the day.  Outside of this period, you will not eat and thus it is a fasting diet.

Recipe: California Burrito Filling


California Burrito Filling

Our family loves Mexican food. It is one of our favorite meals to have both at home and in a restaurant. We have tried just about every Mexican joint within 30 miles of our house. My favorite dish at our favorite place is the Burrito California. This is my take on their recipe. This works well in a 3-quart slow cooker.

List: Ten steps to lower your stress and lose weight


Ten stress relief tips to help you lose weight

Research: The Effect of breakfast on weight and energy intake


Should we or should we not eat breakfast?

I am absolutely certain that you have heard that you should never skip breakfast.  I have been taught for years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  There is plenty of research to indicate that people eat breakfast tend to be somewhat slimmer.  The problem is that this is a correlation and correlation does not equal causation.   The fact is that it makes sense as the calories after a night of sleep in which you have not eaten anything.  It’s

Research: Nutmeg may help with weight loss.


Nutmeg is more than just a tasty spice.

Our modern busy lifestyles are often lead to unhealthy food habits.  As a person who has tried one diet or another over the years, I, like you, am always looking for another leg up in my path to healthy.   Most weight loss programs are way too expensive for most of us.  If we could find a way o help you without medication or therapy, we could provide help to more dieters at a fraction of the cost.  An affordable diet plan should be a safe alternative to expansive medications and surgical procedures, but supplements are not the answer.  

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