Pedometer Review: Cheap Chinese Pedometer Bracelet

Cheap Chinese Made Pedometer WatchCheap Chinese Made Pedometer WatchCheap Chinese Made Pedometer Watch

Even a cheap pedometer will work if you use it.

Bottom Line Up Front:  This is a cheap but effective pedometer.  It is made in China and I purchased it for about $2 dollars and that included shipping.

Pedometers come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.   Most are not the most accurate at measuring steps or feature rich choice, but this one great at estimating how close you are to the goal of 10,000 steps.  This pedometer does not have any spectacular bells and whistles but it will measure your steps and give you a quick and cheap guide to estimate you steps.  

Package Includes:  

  • 1 black wrist pedometer
  • 1 silicon wrist band
  • 1 battery  
  • No instruction but to be honest, you don’t need them

Item Description:

  • Wrist Digital LCD Pedometer, Black
  • This fabulous pedometer step counter is durable and useful for a long time. Portable and stylish design is energy-saving and eco-friendly. It’s helpful to your exercising.
  • Steps count from 0 to 99,999.
  • Low battery consumption and Auto Sleep
  • Auto detect waist movement while jogging


I used this pedometer for 1 week.  It survived my testing and multiple drops.  It has a pendulum and you can hear it swing.  There are lots of similar items on eBay.  


The black wrist pedometer is an electronic pedometer that has a mechanical pendulum.  It is very sensitive to movements.  I found that using a hand saw pick dup as steps.  I am going to compare this to my iPhone to give you and idea of how accurate the steps are.  If you look at the two charts of data, you will see the black wrist pedometer counted about 200 steps less than the iPhone.  Part of that is because it missed some steps on 2 days because I took it off in the rain.  I would say it is dead on with the iPhone or at least within 200 steps on most days which to me is nominal.  

Steps for the Black Wrist Pedometer
Figure 1:  Steps for the Black Wrist Pedometer
iPhone Steps Week 1
Figure 2: iPhone Steps Week 1

Calories are clearly different.  The iPhone calculates active calories and the black wrist pedometer calculate total.  I used a calculated BMR to calculate active calories to do a comparison.  The calculated numbers are difference.  I am significantly larger in the size of the average male.  I am 75 inches and weight 200 plus pounds.  The average American male is significantly shorter and lighter.  I suspect the cheap pedometer uses the average in its calculation.  

Distances are nominally different, but you can still track you exercise with the cheapest of pedometers. There is no reason to go expensive unless you want the automaticity of the Apple Watch or FitBit. Enjoy!

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