Pedometer Review: Withings Pulse O2

Withings and Optional Arm BandWithings and Optional Arm Band

Withings Pedometer 

Bottom Line Up Front:  This is a good and effective pedometer.  It just plain works and has a lot of great features which are listed below.  

Pedometers come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.   This particular model is the perfect shape and size to fit on your belt and the buttons are in the right place so you do not hit them by accident.  The strength of the Withings Pulse O2 is that it is a belt mounted, watch mounted, shirt mounted, and arm mounted pedometer all in one.  The ways it can be worn are only left to the imagination.  

Withings and Optional Arm Band

Withings and Optional Arm Band


Package Includes:  

  • 1 black or blue pedometer
  • 1 silicon cover
  • 1 watch band
  • 1 charging cable.  
  • Quick Start Instructions.  You download the tracking software for iOS or Android.  
Withings Silicon Covers and Waist Clips

Withings Silicon Covers and Waist Clip: Black is standard and the other colors are an optional purchase.  


  • Amazon in Black:

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  • Amazon in Blue:

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I used this pedometer for 4 weeks.  It survived my testing and multiple drops.  It is an electronic pedometer.  It is available on both eBay and Amazon.  

Blue Withings Watch

Blue Withings Watch: It comes in black or blue.  


One thing that I really like about this pedometer is the silicon waist clip that it slips into.  It is fairly sensitive to movements and does register as well as the Fitbit.  I am going to compare this to my iPhone, Apple Watch, and Fitbit to give you an idea of how accurate the steps are.  If you look at the four charts of data, you will see the Withings is very accurate and within the 500 step range.  The calories seem low and I am not sure why.  

Withings Data

Withings Data: The data for steps was within 500 steps of the Fitbit and Apple Watch


Fitbit Data

Fitbit Data


Apple Watch Data

Apple Watch Data


iPhone Steps Week 1

Figure 2: iPhone Steps Week 1

Calories are clearly different as I said before.  The sleep measurements were within 15-30 minutes of the Fitbit’s sleep study so I would say it is fairly accurate.  The pulse oximeter and pulse are very accurate.  I tested both against a medical grade model of each.  I would recommend this if you want a pedometer.  I am not sure if the pulse oximeter is accurate if you have a medical need but it should work for maximizing your running efficiency.  

Recommendations on the Withings:

  1. Good pedometer.  It does not have all the bells and whistles of the Fitbit or the Apple Watch but then again they do not measure pulse oximetry.   
  2. Good sleep measurements.  I found that it was within 30 minutes of the Fitbit.  
  3. It has pulse oximetry!  If you need a pulse oximetry for anything but a respiratory and cardiac problem, this watch is for you.


Withings Pulse Sensor

Withings Pulse Sensor with App

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