Progress Report – 25 July 2017

Progress reportProgress report

We are beginning to see progress. 

Ok.  After three weeks of trying to make progress and failing multiple times, I have finally made a little.  Weight loss is difficult.  My big issue is weekend indiscretions.  Most of my road bumps blocking success have to do with alcohol and sweets.  Heck, we have a cake cut every day at my medical center.  You know I love cake and eating cake is not conducive to losing weight.  

Now to the progress: In 3 weeks, I have lost 5 pounds and 0.5 % body fat.  What is my secret?  Exercise and cinnamon (more on that in a future article.  I have exercised about three days a week for the last three weeks and have decreased my calories to 200 a day, but that does not fully explain my weight loss.  




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I am a family physician who has served in the US Army. In 2016, I found myself overweight, out of shape, and unhealthy, so I made a change to improve my health. This blog is the chronology of my path to better health and what I have learned along the way.

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