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Fat man with a Beer Belly
Fat man with a Beer Belly

November of 2021:  I have started diets so many times in my life.  This time, I lost over 50 pounds, and then I fell off the wagon per se.   I could have just given up like so many times before, but this time I have decided it will be different.  I need to stay healthy.  I took my last physical fitness test 30 days ago, and I have put on 15 pounds in that same period.  It is hard to believe that it came back so quickly.  I hope that writing my progress reports again and exercising will help me do what I need to get back on my path toward better health.  

Last weekend, I read a book called The Obesity Code​[1]​, and I have a newfound understanding of why I am having problems losing weight and keeping it off.  The problem, as presented in this book, is insulin.  Chronic insulin elevations lead to increased insulin and leptin resistance, hunger, and fat storage.  All of these make it harder to stay full and lose weight.  After reading this book, the concept now appears so simple.  I am certain the writer, Dr. Jason Fung, is over-simplifying the problem, but no matter, because the book has inspired me to try again and the basic concept is spot-on correct.  I will write more on the Obesity Code when I do a book review.  

One of the things I did to lose weight over the past 12 months was to avoid non-whole grain and white foods.  It was very successful for me, but the weight came back as I went back to many of the foods that got me in trouble the first time.  My problem is that I have a sweet tooth and love carbohydrates.  I absolutely adore potatoes, bread, pasta, and rice, but it does not love me.

So, I will start new tomorrow.  I have my medical physical on Friday of this week, and the writing is on the wall that I need to change my life.  I had several high blood pressure over the past two weeks.  The good news is my lab work came back, and I have a 2.5 percent risk for heart disease in the next ten years.  That is not great, but it is also not bad.  I have total cholesterol of 220 with an HDL of 65.  If I can bring down my LDL, I will be doing much better.

Weight:240 pounds
Body Fat:29%
Waist Circumference:42″
Blood Pressure:140/96 – 166/96 over six measurements
Total Cholesterol:266
LDL / HDL:160/56

So, how do I plan to change?  I had decided to start by kicking the sugar and artificial sweetener habit.  I love Diet Coke, but it is time to kick it to the curb.  I also have to say no to white foods again, and I need to make it near permanent.  Then comes the last thing, I am going to start with a 2-week period of fasting during the daytime hours.  I will start at midnight and end at dinner time.  I will post again in 2 weeks about my progress, and we will go from there.

I know this sounds crazy, but the newer research makes it clear that fasting is healthy and it appears to lower insulin and leptin resistance.  Over the next two weeks, I will post more on the research, soon.  Wish me luck! 


  1. ​*​
  1. Fung, Dr., Jason. The Obesity Code. Greystone Books Ltd, 2016.
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