Question: Can supplements help with weight loss?

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Homeopathic medicine or natural supplements can help with your weight but you have to be careful and choose wisely.

Homeopathy. Herbal extracts in small bottles.
Homeopathy. Herbal extracts in small bottles.

Obesity is a huge problem around the globe and it si clear that commercial medicines and surgeries are not a solution for all of those who are suffering at the grip of own body fat. The problem is that homeopathy is hit or miss and some of the natural medicine that people take are less effective and often are nothing more than a placebo. I am a believer in some homeopathy, but others are harmful and outlandish.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is not new. It is a system of alternative medicine created in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann, but it existed prior to him in the rural areas around the globe. The system he started is based on his doctrine that natural medicinal substance could cure similar symptoms in sick people in a safer manner than modern pharmaceuticals. This movement has grown a lot since then and today there are schools that train homeopathic physicians.

Homeopathy is basically an alternative to allopathic or osteopathic medicine. It is an alternative but it is still a mainstream way to cure and treat different conditions. Today, you can get many of the treatments in your local GNC. They are not as controlled as those you might get from a Homeopath but the treatments and the concepts are the same. A natural compound can help cure you and because it is natural, it is less harmful and will cause fewer side effects.

Homeopathic globules in small bottles.
Homeopathic globules in small bottles.

The problem with homeopathy is the same problem I have weight most of the supplements. There are few to no specific scientific studies or research to support the use of these medications. Unlike the medications and surgery, these natural medicines have little evidence to prove effectiveness of Homeopathy in case of weight loss. For this reason, I would strongly suggest that you consult a medical provider before you consider trying a homeopathic or natural treatment for any medical concern and that includes busy weight.

Many of these natural, Homeopathic medications are more natural than traditional medications. Homeopathic treatments are not regulated and the interactions and side effects are less known than traditional medicines. Allergic reactions are also possible and not less common in natural medicine.  Some of the homeopathic or natural medicines or supplements are toxic and can cause death in high levels. To be fair, the same is true with traditional medicine (see Tylenol).  

Most medical provider will provide you a non-biased view of all supplements with a warning that they do not know what is in the supplement. This is because we do not know what they put in those capsules. Just be prepared for this because they are required to explain their safety concerns. This beings said, ask them to review potential side-effects and interactions with you current allopathic medications. Sure you can looks this up yourself, but a medical provider is better Abel to confirm that the treatment won’t be unsafe for you and can make you aware about its side-effects and interactions.  

The bottom line: The magic weight loss cure does not exist and this includes Homeopathy. The best way to lose weight is by regular exercise and a balanced diet, yet we have seen people exploring homeopathy. It may be effective, but it is not a substitute for exercise and a balanced diet. You must have both. Some homeopathic cures have safety concerns so do your research and discuss it with you medical provider.

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