Question: Does cutting a small number of​ calories assist in weight loss?

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Cutting even 150-300 calories day can improve your health and weight.


Obesity has over 30% of Americans within its suffocating grasp. Like a Boa constrictor, it is squeezing the health form it many sufferers. Many American’s wonder if how many calories they have to cut to induce weight loss. I have had this question asked regularly of me over the years. Unfortunately, many believe that large deficits are the only means to lose weight. The truth could not be further from the belief.

If you want to lose a pound of fat, you must cut 3500 calories from your diet. There are as many ways to do this as there are ways to gain the same amount fo weight. You could cut 50 calories for 70 days or 100 calories for 35 days. It is basic math and to an extent, you will lose a pound for every 3500 calories you remove from your diet as long as you do nto replace empty with something else that supplies calories.

So, the number of calories cut per day does not matter? Well, this is not exactly true. Confidence can go down as the time to see appreciable weight loss occurs. Some folks require results fast in order to maintain focus. Any delay will result in the wheels coming off the weight-loss bandwagon. If you are one of these folks, gradual weight loss is not your friend.

Gradual weight loss makes sense because eating fewer calories will help people lose weight over time and slow weight loss may help you avoid feeling deprived. This methodology may also help you better maintain weight loss. Maintaining weight loss requires that you learn to live healthier and maintain the plan to keep it off. Slow weight loss allows you to learn how to be healthier and get used to the plan over time.

Ultimate, you have picked a plan that focused on you and much be a plan you can live with. If rapid works for you and you can avoid regaining, then rapid is right for you. Most can’t and won’t so I would recommend the slower plan if you can avoid being discouraged. Pick a deficit and plan your meals around it. You do not need to cut calories because portion control is an equally viable option.

Bottom line: Even a small deficit helps. Reducing your calorie intake over time may help you lose weight and improve your overall health. The total number of calories you need to cut to lose a given weight is fairly set. The health gains will vary based on the total weight loss. I suggest you start today and whittle away at that truncal weight.

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