Question: Why am I not losing weight?

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I started a new diet and never overeat and I am still gaining weight.


Thank you for your question. The answer is simple, but not a single answer will fit for everyone. In your email, you claim to have cut your calories to 1200 per day and are still not losing weight. There are only two ways you will not lose weight on a diet.

Two reasons for diet failure:

  1. Burning fewer calories: You have a slower metabolism than you should. This can happen because you are very sedentary or you have a medical condition that has slowed your energy expenditure. You did not mention your exercise habits or having seen a medical expert. I would start by seeing a medical professional.
  2. You are too many calories: This statement is not an accusation. Most dieters underestimate calories, so compile a detailed food diary for 1-2 weeks. There are a lot of cool phone applications to help but I would recommend you measure your food servings with a scale. This method will get you the answer pretty quick.

The bottom line: You can’t make something from nothing (I know this is double negative). The laws of physics and matter still hold true. You either are burning fewer calories than you are eating or eating more calories than you are burning. Do the food journal and confirm the answer and then see a medical professional if needed.

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