Research: Carnitine and Chromium may help with weight loss


Chromium and Carnitine supplementation appears to lower body weight and and insulin resistance.


Chromium and carnitine have long been suggested to assist with blood sugar maintenance. There is some research to back their use in people with type II diabetes. Obesity, PCOS, and metabolic syndrome have similar biochemical influences to diabetes type II because they are caused by increasing insulin resistance. It would make sense that these supplements might assist PCOS, metabolic syndrome, and the obese.

Should people trying to lose weight try these supplements? Maybe. There is limited research to back up usage prior to 2019. The good news is that research is growing. The new research looked at chromium and carnitine usage with PCOS patients​[1]​. The aim of this study was to determine the influence of taking chromium plus carnitine on insulin resistance and and weight loss in overweight subjects with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

This researchers performed a 12-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial that looked 54 overweight women were randomly assigned to receive either supplements or not. The test group received 200 μg/day chromium picolinate plus 1000 mg/day carnitine. The control group received a placebo. Chromium and carnitine supplementation resulted in decreased body weight by over 8 pounds when compared to the control group. In addition to body weight, fasting insulin and glucose levels were also significantly reduced. Most importantly, insulin sensitive was increased in the test group.

So what does this mean? Because obesity and metabolic syndrome go hand and hand with PCOS, this study is good news for those trying to lose weight. Reducing insulin resistance should assist with weight loss even in those who do not have PCOS. Metabolic syndrome Is a huge cause of Obesity in the Unites States and we need to find something to help people escape its grip.

The bottom line: Overall, chromium and carnitine supplementation appears to assist with weight loss and insulin resistance. More research is needed. Hopefully, they will move to continue to look at this question with a larger study that looks at patients are do not have PCOS And males.


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