Research: Coffee Lowers Mortality Rate

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A new study shows all-cause mortality rate reduced by coffee consumption.  

Cup of Coffee
Cup of Coffee

A huge multi-country study that looked at all-cause mortality was released on 11 July 2017.  The EPIC (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition)[1] looked at over 520,000 research subjects from 10 European countries over a 16-year period.  The primary focus was on coffee consumption and the risk of death for the population.  

So what did they find?  The study found higher coffee consumption was associated with:

  1. Men had lower serum alkaline phosphatase, alanine aminotransferase, aspartate aminotransferase, and γ-glutamyltransferase.  These are all liver enzymes that help detoxify the blood that passes through the liver.
  2. Women had lower C-reactive protein, lipoprotein(a), and glycated hemoglobin levels.  All of which will lower the patient’s risk of coronary artery disease aka heart disease.
  3. Higher coffee consumption is associated with an overall lower risk of mortality.  That does not mean that it will save your life if you already have a fatal diagnosis (cancer for example) but it will lower your risk of developing one if you have not.  

The bottom line:  We have already shown some research that supports the fact that coffee can help with weight loss as long as it is not sweetened (coffee might be expanding your waistline).  This new research is one more reason to add coffee to your daily routine.   I recommend 3-5 cups a day as long as you can tolerate.  It si always a good idea to discuss coffee consumption with a medical provider.  More studies are needed, but this is very promising.  

[1]Gunter et al., “Coffee Drinking and Mortality in 10 European Countries: A Multinational Cohort Study.”


  1. Gunter, MJ, N Murphy, AJ Cross, L Dossus, L Dartois, G Fagherazzi, R Kaaks, et al. “Coffee Drinking and Mortality in 10 European Countries: A Multinational Cohort Study.” Annals of Internal Medicine, July 11, 2017. [PubMed]
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