Research: Dietary patterns linked to weight regain


Dietary patterns may indicate a risk of weight regain.  

Central Obesity
Central Obesity

The dietary habits contributing to weight loss and maintenance are fully understood.  If you happen to be lucky to lose the weight that you are trying to lose, maintenance is the key to long-term weight loss success.    There are multiple studies that indicate what you need to do to keep the weight off.  One such study is the MedWeight study from Greece.  

Researchers published “Dietary patterns in weight loss maintenance: results from the MedWeight study” in 2017 after reviewing the data from the MedWeight study and weight loss maintainers and regainers​[1]​.  Researchers studied weight loss maintainers in comparison with regainers, to identify the differentiating behaviors.  Subjects intentionally lost over 10 % of their weight and either maintained this loss for over a year or had regained weight.  Questionnaires completed online were used to evaluate lifestyle habits that were used to determine how one can attain weight loss and maintenance.  Subject totaled 361 participants with 264 maintainers and 97 regainers.  Energy and macronutrient intake did not differ between the two groups.  Physical activity energy expenditure was greater for maintainers in men, but not for women.  Salty snacks, alcohol, and regular soda were more frequently consumed by men regainers. Researchers also identified a healthy dietary pattern featuring mainly unprocessed cereal, fruit, vegetables, olive oil, and low-fat dairy.  

The bottom line: Men maintaining weight loss were much more likely to adhere to a healthy eating pattern.  Eating at home, involvement in meal preparation, higher eating frequency, and slower eating rate were also associated with maintenance. I suggest that you consider implementing these in your dietary plans.   
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