Research: Egg consumption is not bad for you.

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Egg consumption does not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease

Bunch of Eggs
Bunch of Eggs

Eggs, and in particular egg yolks, have long been vilified as being bad for people because they reportedly increased the risk of heart disease. To be honest, egg yolks and whole eggs are high in cholesterol and cholesterol is the main component in the plagues that cause a heart attack so it makes sense that consumption of eggs would increase your risk of heart disease. The problem is that the research does not always back this logical assumption.

So, what research is there? In 2020, a piece of research was published which looked at three studies that sought to link egg consumption and the risk of heart disease​[1]​. The researchers evaluated the association between egg intake and cardiovascular disease risk among women and men in the United States through a meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies. The studies evaluated included the Nurses’ Health Study (NHS, 1980-2012), The NHS II (1991-2013), and the Health Professionals’ Follow-Up Study (HPFS, 1986-2012).

The studies covered 32 years and over 200K participants. The researchers found that participants with a higher egg intake had a higher body mass index, were less likely to be treated with statins, and consumed more red meats. Most subjects consumed between one and less than five eggs per week. Consumption of at least one egg per day was not associated with incident cardiovascular disease risk. The problem was that egg consumption also did not provide a protective effect either.

The bottom line: Results from the three studies and the meta-analysis showed that moderate egg consumption, of up to one egg per day, is not associated with increased cardiovascular disease risk overall. With the weight loss benefits of eggs, I recommend that you have an egg several times a week. Eggs might also help you lose weight.

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