Research: Egg protein helps with weight loss and low body fat.

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Egg protein induces fat loss, maintenance of lean mass, increased satiety, and reduced appetite.

Eggs are Healthy.
Eggs are Healthy.

An increasing number of dieters are trying to supplement their protein intake. In fact, researchers are also showing an increasing interest in moderate enrichment in protein for treating obesity and its metabolic consequences. Even though egg proteins that are known to have the highest biological value, the benefit of eggs to assist with weight-loss has been studied very sparingly.

A study from 2019 investigated increasing protein intake with egg protein in self-restricted obese individuals with low protein intake​[1]​. The researchers looked at the effects of increasing protein intake on body weight, body composition, eating behavior, Resting Metabolic Rate, and kidney function. The randomized controlled trial eas performed for over 2 months. A total of twelve subjects were given daily supplements of a formula of purified high biological value egg protein. A control group of ten participants was given a simple low-fat high-protein diet. The purified egg protein resulted in increased protein intake, a higher percentage of protein, and a lower percentage of fat in the diet. There was also a decrease in body mass index due to a decrease in fat mass only 6 pounds. There is also strong evidence in receiving egg protein a decrease in appetite and an increase in satiety. The same was not seen in the control group.

Despite no advice of caloric restriction and no increase in resting metabolic rate, egg protein induced a slight loss in body fat and the preservation of lean mass. Over 18 months it results in a significant weight loss, which is significantly more pronounced and continues over a longer period under an egg protein diet when compared to the control.

The bottom line: Egg protein over the long term together results in improved body composition and eating behavior through fat loss, increase satiety, and reduced appetite. Although the study was performed with a purified egg protein supplement, I would recommend just eating eggs. Since egg proteins are the variety of proteins that possess the greatest biological value and have additional biological properties beneficial for cardiovascular and metabolic health, they are likely to represent a new promising tool for the management of obesity and metabolic syndrome. Further and larger controlled studies are needed.


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