Research: Go nuts and gain less weight

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Adding nuts to your diet may help you keep your waist slim.

Assorted Nuts
Assorted Nuts

Nuts are healthy snack or addition to any meal. They are packed full of healthy fats, fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants. Many weight-loss experts caution eating them when you are trying to lose weight, but they are grossly misinformed because they have the perfect mixture of healthy fats, proteins, and fiber to promotes satiety and keep you feeling full.

Almost 40% of U.S. adults are classified as obese, so anything we can do to promote less weight gain could significantly reduce disease and cost of medical care in the future. Identification of new measures to control or prevent obesity is a growing public health priority and nut consumption could be a relatively easy means to meet this goal.

What evidence is there that they prevent weight gain? In 2020, a study​[1]​ was released to show, despite their elevated levels of fat and calories, that nuts actually prevent weight gain. The researchers looked at changes in nut consumption influence long-term weight change in over 100K US men and women over a four year period. In particular, an increase in total nut consumption by 0.5 servings daily was associated with significantly less weight gain and lower risk of obesity. 

The bottom line: Nut consumption can assist with weight loss and prevent weight regain. Satiety could be the mechanism. Many people avoid nuts out of fear that they are fattening, but this could nto be further formed the truth. I recommend adding nuts to your weight loss plan.


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