Research: High protein diet induces satiety

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A higher protein diet with moderate carbohydrates increases feeling fullness.


The key to successful weight loss is promoting a sense of fullness or satiety. Nearly every dieter is looking for some means to get the leg up on hunger and overeating. There is no magic bullet, but the favorable effects of a high-protein and moderate-carbohydrate diet might just promote satiety and weight loss success.

A study from 2019 looked that this very topic of body weight management and satiety and the effect of higher protein diets that moderate carbohydrate consumption​[1]​. The researchers looked at the association between the perception of hunger and satiety through the levels of endocannabinoids, and with glucagon-like peptide-1 and polypeptide YY. These compounds are associated with decreased hunger.

At approximately 34 months after weight loss, subjects completed a 48 hour respiration chamber study. Participants were fed in energy balance with a hiogher protein and moderate carbohydrate diet or higher carbohydrate diet. Endocannabinoids and related compounds, relevant postprandial hormones, hunger, satiety, and food intake were assessed. The higher protein and moderate carbohydrate reduced the perception of hunger. Hunger was inversely associated with Protein YY in the.

The bottom line: The higher protein diet resulted in a reduction in hunger. This effect is likely due to a suppression of Protein YY and other hormones. Although not a magic bullet, I would recommend higher protein and fewer carbohydrates. The easiest thing is to cut processed carbohydrates.


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