Research: High protein diets may help with weight loss

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One more journal article confirms higher-protein diets help with weight loss.

Foods high in protein.

Obesity and weight gain become huge financial public health burden for both the United States and worldwide. The social and economic impact created by obesity and obesity related illnesses could be devastating to the world economy within 10 years. While our politicians are concerned about global warming and more abstract risks that may or may not happen in our lifetime, obesity and its impact financially continue to skyrocket.

Producing and maintaining a healthy body weight is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Several prior research studies have shown that a high-protein diet may help with weight loss. The good news is that there is more evidence coming out every day to support this. A research study published in 2018 in Clinical Nutrition appears to add one more link in the evidentiary chain​[1]​. This study was performed to investigate the effect of high protein on various anthropometric measurements and obese women.

In this study, 60 obese women were randomized into control and interventional groups. The intervention group was placed on a high-protein diet and the control was placed on a standard diet for eight weeks. After completion of the interventions, various anthropometric measurements were taken to include weight, body fat, fasting blood sugar, lipid profile, and various markers of inflammation. after completion of the study, both groups lost weight and body fat, but the higher protein diet subjects had improved insulin resistance, blood lipids and multiple inflammatory markers.

The bottom line: Higher protein diets are effective in promoting weight loss. This study indicates that they are not only effective in promoting weight loss but also in improving the markers of disease and insulin resistance that appear to worsen with obesity. Although I would not recommend a high protein diet, I would recommend a lower carbohydrate diet by limiting empty calories and portion sizes for starches. You can make all the carbohydrates you need to function and do not need to carb load to exist.


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