Research: Interdisciplinary weight loss program combined with exercise for weight loss

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Aerobic and resistance training assists with weight loss.

Resistance band exercise.

Obesity is becoming a huge problem worldwide. Obesity can lead to a number of alterations in biomechanical structures and can cause massive issues with pain and lead to osteoarthritis over time. Osteoarthritis can lead to miserable quality fo life and increases morbidity and morbidity. Any method of weight loss will help reduce these risks.

A new study from 2020 looked to investigate the effect of aerobic plus resistance training associated with an interdisciplinary approach to weight loss​[1]​. The goal was to look at reducing visceral fat and isokinetic parameters in a long-term weight loss therapy program.

The study enrolled forty-four postpubertal obese adolescents. The subjects were involved in the 1-year interdisciplinary weight loss therapy program that included clinical, nutritional, psychological, and physical training. Body composition, and visceral, and subcutaneous fat were measured by DXA scans. Peak torque during exercise was analyzed using a dynamometer.

The research s found that the intervention resulted in a significant reduction in body fat with an inverse increase in lean mass. Increased lean body mass would help protect against future fat gain. Positive correlations were observed between peak torque and lean body mass and negative relationships with visceral fat and subcutaneous fat.

The bottom line: An interdisciplinary weight loss program can reduce body fat and improve muscle strength. The results reinforce the importance of resistance training and exercise to treat obesity and improve the quality of life in this population. Exercise by itself is nto enough, but it does help.


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