Research: Mobile weight loss application help with weight loss.  


Part of the cure for obesity includes mobile applications.


In recent years, the number of mobile weight loss and health-related applications has grown faster than the waistline of the average American.   We all know that the average Unites States resident could use some help with coming to grips with their unhealthy lifestyle.  The problem to this day is the limited access to assistance.  Weight loss counseling is weight expensive or labor intensive, and in most areas of the United States, it is inadequate to meet the patient’s needs.  Mobile applications may be part of this solution to this shortcoming.  

Current US Health Related Application Use

Lose it

Currently, most people use applications to try to lose weight.  Currently, I use an application called Lose It ( to track my nutrition and exercise.  In fact, nearly 34 percent of Americans use an application to track exercise.  Ten percent use an application for weight loss.  There is a multitude to track both.  

Cell Phone

Cell Phone

A recent study, released in early 2018, looked at this very question[1].  The Belgium research was performed to evaluate face-to-face weight loss counseling when compared to mobile applications and a combined version.  The study was a randomized controlled trial of 102 obese adults.  The subjects were randomized into three groups with just 1 group that just received face-to-face education, a scoff group that combined face-to-face and a mobile application, and the final group with just a mobile application.  The study found that all groups had a significant portion of their subject attain 5% BMI and weight change or more, but the group that received combination treatment had a significantly higher level of success than the other two.  


The bottom line: Mobile applications can play a role in successful weight loss.  They may bridge a role in reducing cost and widening access for those that cannot afford expensive and less available face-to-face therapy.  


E. Hurkmans, C. Matthys, A. Bogaerts, L. Scheys, K. Devloo, and J. Seghers, “Face-to-Face Versus Mobile Versus Blended Weight Loss Program: Randomized Clinical Trial,” J, vol. 6, no. 1, p. e14, Jan. 2018. [Source]
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