Research: More weight loss equals even lower risk of metabolic syndrome


Weight loss reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome?  

It has long been known that central obesity is tied to an increased risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes type 2.  the expansion of your waistline is tied to increased insulin resistance which is the cornerstone of both of these disease processes.  I know this just makes sense.  It is probably no surprise to anyone that weight loss leads to lower risk of metabolic syndrome.  In fact, this study is not earth-shattering at all.  It confirms what many of us have expected all along.  

So what is the So What? A recent study has confirmed this.  The study was performed by UTHealth in collaboration with the American Cancer Society.  The results were announced in August on Science Daily[1].  The study looked at over 7500 adults that participated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.  The participants that lost five to ten percent of their body weight were 22% less likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome.  The surprise was not this data point but the fact that it confirmed that a larger weight loss of 20% lowers the risk of metabolic syndrome by 53%.

The bottom line:  Higher amounts of weight loss appears to lead to an even lower risk of metabolic syndrome.  Although 5-10% weight loss should be the goal, we should continue to suggest more weight loss in certain groups that could use large amounts of weight loss.  I would recommend that you use this as motivation if you are at a high risk for metabolic syndrome.  


“Weight loss: Surprising scale of health benefits for biggest losers,” ScienceDaily, 15-Aug-2018. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 15-Aug-2018]
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